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The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour

The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour


Credit left unredeemed by the close of the event will be refunded in accordance with the terms below:

Online funds: Leftover funds in your account, purchased online will automatically be refunded back to your card within 15 business days following the end of the event. In case you combined online & on site refund you need to fill out the refund form bellow to refund remaining balance. This case is not included in automatic refund.

On-site cash or card funds: Leftover funds in your account, purchased on-site at the event using cash, will require you to complete a Manual Refund Form on your online account page.

The deadline to apply for a manual refund is 31.8.2018.

Upon verification of your Manual Refund Form, the refund will be processed within 15 business days following the closure of the refund period.

In case of manual refund you need to fill correct information to the Manual Refund Form. If are provided information wrong so the payment cannot be proceeded.

How to fill out the refund form:

Domestic payment (only CZ) - name, surname, account number, bank code.

EU payments - name, surname, street, city, country, postal code, IBAN, SWIFT.

Outside of EU payments - name, surname, street, city, country, postal code, IBAN (or bank account number in case of USA and some other countries that are not using IBAN), SWIFT, name of the bank, adress of the bank of recipient.

V případě zadání špatných údajů v rámci žádosti o refundaci a nutnosti opětovného zaslání platby bude účtován jednorázový poplatek 50 CZK (prosíme dávejte pozor na správnost zadaných údajů).

In cases where invalid information is submited in the refund form and the Funds needs to be send again an additional fee of 50 CZK will be charged for „Resubmission“.

Frequently Asked Questions

?You didn’t use all the money you toped up? Here is some information about refunds

After the concert, the money you haven’t used will be sent back to you.

Money recharged online will be automatically sent within 5 working days after the event. Money TopUp at the venue in cash or by credit card will be refunded to the account you will have indicated in the Refund Form you will find in the Refund Section of Rolling Stones Cashless page.

The refund is subject to a fee in the amount of 50 CZK, and it is only possible for at least 45 CZK. The minimum amount for a refund is therefore 95 CZK.

?What is “cashless” payment and how does it work?

Our cashless payment system operates in a similar manner to pre-paid cards. At The Rolling Stones Event we will be using high tech, RFID-enabled wristbands that include an embedded electronic chip in the RFID tag that will act as your key to enter the Event sit and as your electronic wallet to pay for food, beverages, merchandise and other products sold at the Event site.

You will need to first create your Cashless account, link your wristband information, and load pre-paid credits into your Cashless account. Step-by-Step Instructions for doing son will be provided to you at the same time you will receive your RFID wristbands.

To make a purchase, you will simply have to tap your RFID wristband on a reader located at each vendor stand all over the Event site, then place your order with the vendor staff and then confirm and close the transaction by tapping your RFID wristband a second time. Your order amount will automatically be deducted from your Cashless account. This way of proceeding insure you to never be charged for something you would have not ordered and confirmed.

?How does Cashless payment benefit me?

Cashless payment technology offers many benefits including:

  • It provides faster transaction times.
  • It reduced waiting when comes the time to get serve and it eliminates long and painful and line-ups.
  • It is super convenient as there are no more need to carry wallets, fumble through change/tokens, wait for change to be given and count it for making sure there was no mistakes, etc.
  • It is efficient and it may saves a lot of time when pre-Event TopUp and auto TopUp features are used. Plus there are no more need to find and queue at ATM machines.
  • It is safe and secure. There is no more worries about getting your wallet lost of stolen.
  • Overall, it enhances your live entertainment experience!

?Do I need to do anything with my wristband before the concert?

Firstly, when you will receive it by mail DO NOT put on your RFID wristband until the day of the concert! This is very important. Once the RFID wristband is on, you won’t be able to remove it, as it locks instantly and permanently!

Before arriving at the concert, to save yourself time, please create your personalized Cashless account.

Once you will have logged in the Cashless page which will eventually appear on the Event website www.rollingstones.cz when the RFID wristbands will be shipped, you will need to link your information to your RFID wristband. You will then be invited to TopUp, that means adding pre-paid credit into your Cashless account.

Any leftover credit will be refunded to you in accordance to the refund policy described when you will be ToppingUp. By loading credit into your Cashless account online in advance, you will be able to immediately visit the food, beverages and merchandise stands when you will have entered the Event site. Otherwise upon arriving at the Event site you will have to look for a TopUp Station and acquire credit or use your smartphone and TopUp using your credit card.

?Why should I create a Cashless account in advance and online?

Creating a Cashless account on line provide you access to cool features such as being able to TopUp in advance, prior arriving at the Event site, to add credit into your Cashless account and avoid possible lines at TopUp stations located at the Event site, track every one of your purchases, if you have used a credit card receive automatic refund of the unspent credits (minus a Refund Fee having been disclosed to you at the moment you ToppedUp), be able to receive a new RFID wristband providing access to your Cashless Account if you were to unfortunately lose you RFID wristband, enter into contests, etc.

That said you will be able to TopUp your RFID wristband at the Event site, by visiting one of the TopUp stations located at the Event site, without providing any information and remaining totally incognito. That said you will also be able to receive back the unspent credit by requesting it at the same Refund Stations also located at the Event site.

You will be fully and solely responsible for lost or stolen RFID wristbands. However, if you have created a Cashless account we will be able to cancel the lost or stolen RFID wristband and reissue you a new RFID wristband. Hence another reason why we recommend you to open a Cashless account prior to arriving at the Event site.

?I don’t have my RFID wristband as I bought it after June 1st, but I have a confirmation of my purchase via the eTicket I was remitted when I acquired my tickets, what do I do?

You can still create a Cashless account online by visiting www.rollingstones.cz after Friday, June 15.

When you will arrive at the entrance of the Event site, you will see clearly indicated “Ticket Swap” stations, once having presented yourself at one of them with your eTicket along with a valid photo I.D. you will be issued a RFID wristband.

?I bought multiple tickets do I need to create multiple accounts?

You may want to create a Cashless account for each RFID wristband if you want to keep the spending of each RFID separate.

Though if you wish to you can add up to six (6) RFID wristbands to the same Cashless account, this is called a "Shared Cashless Account", and all linked RFID wristbands to that Shared Cashless Account will be able to make purchases using the same pool of funds in that Cashless account.

?How do I add credits to my Cashless account at the Event?

You can TopUp at one of the TopUp Stations located throughout the Event site. However, vendor stands will not be able to perform TopUp operations, so make sure you have enough credit on your Cashless account before making purchases.

?Can I transfer my credits from my wristband to another one?

No, you cannot transfer credits once they are in your Cashless account. However, any leftover credit will be refunded to you in accordance to the Refund policy displayed when you were creating your Cashless account.

?I’m going to the Event with a family member/friend and we want to share credits from the same Cashless account instead of having two Cashless accounts. Is that possible?

Yes, if you can add up to six (6) RFID wristbands into the same Cashless account, this is called a "Shared Cashless Account”. All linked RFID wristbands will be able to make purchases using the same pool of funds available in that Cashless account.

Make sure you want to share your credit before you link multiple RFID wristbands to one single Cashless Account. Once a RFID wristband is added to a Cashless account it will not be possible to create a new Cashless account for that RFID wristband or to link that RFID wristband to another Cashless account.

?Can I divide with a friend the purchase price of something I am buying?

No, only one single RFID wristband can be used to open the transaction, and that same wristband must be used to confirm the purchase and therefore close that transaction. This is a security feature to ensure the purchaser is always in total control of its own spending.

?I’ve lost my RFID wristband! What should I do?

If you’ve created a Cashless account online and linked your RFID wristband to it, no worries: just visit a Customer Service station located at the Event site with a valid photo ID and they will deactivate your lost RFID wristband and issue you a new one providing access to your Cashless account.

However, if you did NOT create a Cashless account and didn’t link your RFID wristband to a Cashless account, unfortunately it will not be possible anymore for you to retrieve your remaining credit. Nevertheless to get a replacement RFID wristband, you will have to visit a Customer Service station and show proof of your original Event ticket purchase together with valid photo ID. If someone else bought on our behalf the tickets which had lead for you receive a RFID wristband you will need to bring the original purchaser with you to the kiosk and show proof of purchase along with a valid photo ID.

To avoid this issue, we strongly recommend you to create a Cashless account and link your RFID wristbands to that Cashless account at the earliest opportunity. Treat your RFID wristband the same way you would treat cash!